Some selected live projects that I worked on during my student days

D.B Coin
A decentralized cryptocurrency coin for Bangladesh. The token is developed using the binance smart channel (bep20) blockchain. Its market capitalization is growing fast.
D.B Coin image
Official website of Computer Science & Engineering department, University of Asia Pacific. The Department of CSE started its journey in 1996 by offering B.Sc. Engg. in CSE.
UAP CSE image
Rtx Server
RTX SERVER is built with custom GPU clusters for real-time applications, especially for unreal engine projects. I developed the front-end part and the rest is done by the backend.
Rtx Server image
Box Office
Online event management platform. They have Ticketing & registration system that allows event organisers to list their upcoming events on the website for their users to register and attend.
Box Office image
Softavia is a demo project for showcasing a software company's website portfolio or products. The UI is designed with the the dark theme and an eye catchy animation is added to the hero section.
Softavia image
Soft UI
The website is based on Neumorphism design concepts, neumorphism is meant to be soft on the eyes. It is a minimal way to design with a soft, extruded plastic look.
Soft UI image
Snippets Treasury
Snippets Treasury is an easy customizabale code snippets libraly for designers and developers to bulid website faster and easier. Browse, choose and use snippets to reduce your development time.
Snippets Treasury image
AFKebooks is a website dedicated to provide medical books to its members with highest quality and lowest price possible.
AfkeBooks image
E Health Care
E-Health Care is a web application where users can check their heart condition through this system. If the user's inserted symptoms match the symptoms of a disease, it will advise the associate physician for that disease. [ Frontend ]
E Health Care image
A portfolio website for PIROX Software Solutions, one of the best software development companies in Bangladesh who provides web development, app development, marketing and etc services.
Pirox image
Disnep Clone
Disney+ says is not available in my region. So I clone it with React. Just the Home page is created and the reponsiveness not added.
Disnep Clone image